Self Storage: Massive complex redefines self storage business

Small, mom and pop run self storage facilities have been the norm for years all around South Mississippi. But recently, more polished operations with an emphasis on enhanced security and finer attention to detail have been turning up on the coast.

If you head south down Cowan-Lorraine Road off Interstate 10, you’ll notice construction on a massive structure at the Seaway Road intersection. John Fayard Self Storage is a massive complex that reveals an evolution in the area’s self storage game. Among other things, the facility is being built with hurricanes in mind.

“It’s like a fortress. We can resist 140 mile an hour winds,” Marketing Director Merry Mayo said.

More than 600 units in a climate controlled environment occupy the main building, with 87 additional units on the property.

“We did market research and found out the coast is ready for something on this scale,” Mayo said. “We’ll have 38 security cameras to have security 24-7. We have keypad systems throughout the facility.”

John Fayard Self Storage is tapping into another market. The business will offer special temperature and humidity controlled units for wine storage.

Construction on the building is scheduled to be completed by September first.

By David Elliott – bio | email


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