Student Housing: UW Bothell offers new, off-campus student housing

Student Housing: UW Bothell offers new, off-campus student housing

For the first time, students at the University of Washington Bothell will have a new concern going into the upcoming school year: how to decorate their rooms.

Student housing, which will be located off campus in the aptly named Campus View Apartments, has been made available for students to live in during the 2009-2010 school year.

“The demand for housing has grown,” said Marilyn Cox, the vice chancellor of administrative services at the Bothell campus. Just last year, enrollment in Bothell grew by 20 percent. It currently enrolls approximately 1,900 students.

Space in the Campus View Apartments is limited because there are only 44 spots available for students. Applications to live in the off-campus housing continue to stream in every day, said Elizabeth Fischtziur, the director of public relations and communications.

Priority for housing this year will be given to incoming freshmen and transfer students who live outside of the 30-mile radius surrounding campus, said Terry Hill, assistant director of student life.

“Our priority was to accommodate new students coming in because many made the decision to attend based on whether or not there would be a housing option,” Hill said.

Since students, as well as two live-in community advisers, will be the only people living in the Campus View Apartments, Hill hopes the dorm-like housing will create a “community atmosphere” for students to interact outside of a classroom setting. Some students had expressed to the administration that the Bothell campus was missing a sense of community; the housing option could fill this void.

The apartment complex is about a five-minute walk from campus and is near downtown Bothell. Each room is furnished with all utilities, except phone service.

“It’s a pleasant building with a lawn area out front and each room has a balcony,” Cox said.

It took the university a couple of months to find the right apartment complex to use as student housing. They toured many in the area and ultimately narrowed it down based on location, amenities and price. A one-bedroom apartment will cost each student $625 a month.

In order to conduct a full takeover of the Campus View complex, some residents who were not students had to be relocated in order to open the rooms. Fortunately, a number of units were already vacant.

As demand continues to grow, Cox said, the university hopes to build more housing for students within the next five years. Since there is currently a waiting list for the 44 housing spots, this may be a popular option for the future of UW Bothell.

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