Senior Housing: New assisted living housing construction to begin in spring for Davison-area seniors after $8.4M HUD grant

by Khalil AlHajal for The Flint Journal

DAVISON TOWNSHIP, Michigan — Construction is expected to start this spring on an assisted-living housing center for low-income senior citizens, courtesy of an $8.4 million federal grant.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is giving the money to Taeckens Terrace Nonprofit Christian Ministries, which owns two independent senior housing buildings in the area.

Randy Stewart, zoning and planningadministrator for Davison Township said there is a need for the project because Taekens’ existing centers inthe area are full.

“In the Davison area, especially in the city, it’s an older community,”he said. “There’s a need for it. We have three housing centers now.”

The group plans to build a 61-unit senior center at 10133 Lapeer Road near South State Road, said the nonprofit organization’s chairman, Ken Ballard.

The new center will house low-income seniors when they no longer can live independently, said Ballard.

It will go up near Taeckens Terrace Apartments.

“When we got the piece of land in 1997, we put the Taeckens Terrace in the far northwest corner of the property so that we could use the other piece for this project if we ever got it,” Ballard said. “And we finally got it.

“What we’re trying to do is take it to the next step from independent living to assisted living. We see that people are aging and they continually need more care, and that’s what this new building is going to be for.”

The Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded the money as part of a $454.5 million nationwide program to provide assisted-living housing for low-income seniors.

“In general, in today’s environment, the Davison area along withMichigan, has experienced some severe economic conditions,” said LouisBerra, field office director for HUD. “In a general sense, the demandfor resources far exceeds what’s being allocated to us by Congress.This was a real plus for the community.”

Taekens Terrace leaders initially were awarded the money in July but didn’t finalize plans with HUD until a Sept. 21 meeting, said Ballard.

“Now we’re in fast mode to get everything ready,” he said. “We’re just excited that it’s going to take place.”

Staff writer Lara Mossa contributed to this report.


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