Student Housing: Frat bros camp out for luxury student housing

by Jack Craver The Daily Page

Is this what homelessness looks like in Scandinavia, I wondered as I happened upon a gang of BBMing youngsters cuddled in the entrance of Steve Brown headquarters.

“We’re camping out for Steve Brown apartments,” one young lady informed me.

What? Isn’t the starting date for leasing apartments — which many student advocates believe is already too early — November 15?

Yeah, but apparently October 13 is the day Steve Brown starts accepting applications for some of the most coveted quarters for members of the campus Greek community. For instance, “613 N. Frances,” which, according to the Brown website, offers two bedroom apartments for a cool $1,725 a month ($860/person), or a three bedroom for $2,665.

My first independent college living location was epic enough to make national headlines last week –– and it only cost $2,500 for five bedrooms. Looking back I sometimes felt foolish for paying so much. And yet, the five bedrooms these froshies are looking for cost $4,400.

“I’m in DU (Delta Upsilon), so I want to be nearby,” said a guy who had bought a snuggy for the occasion. He volunteered putting it on for the camera, but he gave up after having some trouble opening the box.

Sleep on the curb for a night, and get the nicest house on the block. If only that’s the way it worked in the real world.


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