Data center: Facebook data center soliciting help through fan page

by Graham Cawthon for the Star

FOREST CITY – The world’s largest social networking site is using what it knows to help build its new data center in Rutherford County.

It was Nov. 11 when Facebook announced plans to bring a data center to the former Mako Marine building, off Old Caroleen Road, near U.S. 74 in Rutherford County.

Now the company, through the Facebook page it created for ‘Rutherford County Data Center’ is soliciting contact information for subcontractors and vendors.

“The Facebook Rutherford Data Center project will seek to provide as many local construction opportunities for workers and companies as possible, and seek to purchase materials locally whenever possible,” the company recently posted on the data center’s page.

The data center, which will employ 35 to 45 full-time workers following construction, is set for a March 2012 opening.

“No announcement has been a bigger game changer than this one,” Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton said during the announcement. “…Companies are realizing North Carolina is a great state to do business in.”

Contact information: Facebook asks companies to contact DPR Construction Inc. / Fortis Construction Inc. at and to include any relevant information about your company and services.

About the data center

What is it? A data center, a central location that houses thousands of computer servers that are networked together and linked to the outside world through fiber optic cable. A data center stores data and responds to requests for web pages.

How will it benefit? Facebook will make a capital investment of $450 million within five years. Jobs will range from 35 to 45 full-time positions after construction. Two hundred and fifty workers will be employed during construction. The company will put up another $200,000 for local charities. Local officials also hope it will help attract future data center projects to the area.

This will be Facebook’s second data center. The first one, in Oregon, is still under construction.

About Facebook

Founded in February 2004, Facebook is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers. Anyone can sign up for Facebook and interact with the people they know.

Number of users: More than 500 million users have used the site within the past 30 days

Number of total employees: 1,700+

Domestic offices: Palo Alto, Ca. (headquarters); Atlanta; Birmingham, Mi.; Chicago, Dallas; Detroit; New York; Venice Beach, Ca.; Washington D.C.

International offices: Dublin; Hamburg; London; Madrid; Milan; Paris; Selangor; Stockholm; Sydney; Tokyo; Toronto


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