Senior Housing: Senior housing project to include 11 duplexes

via The Columbus Telegram

COLUMBUS — Plans for Jackson Meadows Senior Housing Project call for 11 duplexes available for rent to senior citizens age 55 and over.

According to Dana Point Development Corporation President Matt Thomas, as many as three individuals could live in each of the 22, 1,100-square-foot units. However, anybody not meeting the age requirement would need to be a caretaker for or legal guardian of a qualifying senior.

To live in the complex, residents must have an annual income totaling at most 60 percent of the area median income.

Thomas said the amount is about $30,000 for two people, or $27,000 for an individual.

Because of land use restriction agreements with Nebraska Investment Finance Authority and Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the project’s main funding sources, Dana Point must maintain and operate Jackson Meadows for at least 45 years while upholding specific design and engineering standards.

Thomas said the housing complex also will feature adequate landscaping, and his company will pay for construction of an access street.

Jackson Meadows could be open as early as the spring of 2012.

Once operational, a local management company will oversee the housing complex, Thomas said. He said he has talked with Columbus Housing Authority about filling this role.


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