Healthcare: County Council approves plan for medical office building in Catonsville

By Kevin Rector for the Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore County Council voted unanimously Monday, Oct. 17, to advance a planned unit development proposal for a large-scale medical complex to be built on a small parcel of land off Kenwood Avenue in Catonsville, just north of Wilkens Avenue.

The action moves the project into a process of design review by county agencies.

The PUD, proposed by local developer Steve Whalen and introduced by 1st District Councilman Tom Quirk during a previous legislative session on Sept. 19, calls for an 85,000-square-foot, four-story medical complex to be built on top of a three-story parking garage on a 2-acre parcel between Kenwood Avenue and the Baltimore Beltway.

Quirk said he supported the project because it represents smart growth within existing county infrastructure and introduced the project to the rest of the council despite opposition from residents in the area.

When considering development proposals, council members routinely defer to and vote in line with their colleague in whose district the development is planned. They did so Monday with the 7-0 vote.

In an email, Whalen called the council’s approval the “end of the beginning” of a long process that has involved many community meetings and will involve more planning with county agencies moving forward.

There is no time frame for the project’s beginning or completion at this time, as that depends on the feedback from the county’s reviews.

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