Health Clinics Will Save Malls and Strip Centers

Health Clinics Will Save Malls and Strip Centers

Never underestimate the power of the profit motive and competitive market forces to bring about real health care reform. The 1,200 retail health clinics across the country are providing high quality care at lower costs than emergency rooms or physician offices, and they offer better, faster service, with longer and more convenient hours than a traditional medical office.

While politicians sit around and have endless debates about how to bring down health care costs and expand access to medical care through various grandiose government interventions and programs, the private marketplace is already doing it – lowering costs and expanding access at more than 1,000 retail clinics. And unlike government-based health care reform, the explosion of affordable, convenient retail health clinics across the country didn’t require any tax increases, government spending or funding, or special legislation.

Retail clinics truly could be the “model for the future” for health care reform. When it comes to lowering costs and improving quality and service, government enterprises have a miserable track record, and competitive markets have a proven, excellent record. Retail clinics are just one example of thousands of cases of how market competition results in bringing down costs and improving customer service.

by CJ Follini

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