Jungkook of BTS: New Solo Track “3D”, Featured Jack Harlow

Jungkook, a member of BTS, surprised fans with his latest solo single, “3D.” This shook the music business. The surprise duet with American rapper Jack Harlow adds excitement to the BTS universe, making this release intriguing.

Unexpected Prologue of Jungkook to 2023 Global Citizen Festival

Jungkook was the headliner at the Global Citizen Festival 2023 in New York City on September 23, 2023. This thrilling performance was a prelude to his upcoming CD, “3D.” The audience had no clue.

After Jungkook left the stage, a mysterious teaser video for “3D” began playing on the massive screens, thrilling BTS fans worldwide.

BIGHIT MUSIC’s Official Statement

Not shortly after the teaser, BTS’s agency, BIGHIT MUSIC, announced that “3D” is a new digital solo single with the brilliant Jack Harlow.

The agency described “3D” as a pop R&B song with clever emotional emotions that gives listeners a unique and multi-dimensional perspective that transcends the first, second, and third dimensions. The title of the song is an abbreviation for “intelligent emotional expressions.”

The comment implied that Jungkook’s admirers would see a new side of his work with “3D.” Compared to Jungkook’s latest single, “Seven,” the agency stated “3D” would show his more mature musical side.

The statement concluded, “Prepare to meet a more mature side of Jungkook, following his ‘Seven’ journey with Latto,” setting the stage for a remarkable musical change.

Teasers and Concept Photos

Jungkook gave supporters a sneak peek in addition to the official announcement. He released two captivating hero flicks that teased the “3D” experience. The inventor also showed his earliest pictures of the concept, which added visual stimulation to the excitement.

Fans worldwide are counting down the days before the release of the highly anticipated single “3D,” on September 29 at 1 PM Korea Standard Time.

Independent Initiatives: The Jungkook Road to “3D”

Jungkook’s new single “3D” was surprising yet not unexpected. In an interview with “Suchwita,” the artist alluded to his own ventures. He said his plans to “release another single, and then… a small mini-album later on.” He detailed his goals. Fans are given hints with “I think everything will come out in November.”

Han So Hee in “Seven,” a Prequel to “3D”

Jungkook teased that Han So Hee will feature in his solo music video for “Seven” before its July release. Supporters were ecstatic when OSEN released the initial allegation on July 1.

Han So Hee will be the lead lady in Jungkook’s debut solo music video. As reported by OSEN. Han So Hee concluded filming the music video in Los Angeles earlier in the month and returned to Korea on June 22, according to the newspaper.

But Han So Hee’s music video entry was unexpected, which increased the excitement. BigHit Music, Jungkook and BTS’ record label, expressed suspicion about these allegations on Saturday morning.

In the statement, BigHit Music stressed the difficulties of proving Han So Hee’s participation in Jungkook’s solo music video, sparking fan and media speculation.

His ability to capture and astonish the world is limitless, and his solo work continues to delight music fans worldwide. lovers worldwide await Jungkook’s “3D” release and his musical journey, but one thing is certain: his solo work continues to thrill music lovers.